The Second Year


In Pull’s second year, I will try to spend more time with her since she starts to know clearly that she loves to be with her parents – I am not guessing. I am very sure. I want to make sure to spend one full hour with Pull every day when I am at home, and bring her outside to see the world during weekends. And of cause, I will record the happy and sweet time we had together on this blog from time to time.

Pull is two year old. Time is flying fast. It seems it was just yesterday that we were over the moon with the arrival of this little girl. It seems it was just yesterday we were so unbalanced when every single day was tie up with working, baby and again baby, working. I am shocked by the fact that before I really noticed, Pull is already two year old, and the image of a little infant for her has gone forever. She is now really grown-up, a beautiful and independent girl.

I started working on application for her to a very nice kindergarten near our house. Happy Home is the name They asked us to fill such a detail information such as when your kid learned to speak, when your kid can walk independently, when she

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